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Suggestion for New iBlackCode Feature :D

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Suggestion for New iBlackCode Feature :D

Post  ggsh3t on Fri Aug 10, 2012 1:15 pm

we all know its hard to hunt leth tyrant on FT2
and too risky if to use No Skill Delay..
this is a funny idea but i think its possible.

sample ft2
1. first, quest for Leth Tyrant
2. When Leth Tyrant Appeared or some Bosses in Dungeon
3. Click existing feature of iBlackCode which is F8 (Finish Dungeon)
4. Upon Clicking or Questing the Dungeon [Let's exit the tunne].
you will not warp automatically to the outside world unless clicking
"Cleared Dungeon (Forgotten Temple B2f)" or with the time remaining below it.
5. if new feature will be added that enable to hide the Cleared
Dungeon window or pause that time
then you will be able to kill the tyrant without being counter attack by the boss Smile

would it be possible? Very Happy
hehe more power iBlackCode Team


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