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Trainer Releases

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Trainer Releases

Post  iBlackCode on Fri Aug 03, 2012 3:19 pm

Revision 15
mediafire.com ?33qx876h9kmc7w2

mysql connector ( for computers which have no mysql, one time install only )
mediafire.com download.php?0v52w80a12xek56

what's new:
1. fixed error 13 ( type mismatched error )
2. please read readme.txt for new users or those encountering problems
3. this would be my last update for a while since i am working on some urgent projects (i will monitor once in a while to check on errors which needs immediate attention)

other notes:
1. please note that using NSD without restraint CAN CAUSE YOUR ACCOUNT TO BE BANNED.
2. reserve revision 10 just in case this revision would cause you trouble.
3. your av may detect iBlackTrainer as suspicious, this is due to the keytrap for dungeon hack.

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